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Stephen Knapp

From an early age Steve's interest in art was inspired by his father James Edgar Knapp who had received some formal training in drawing and watercolour painting.
The techniquies he learned from his father were invaluable but his preferred
medium was oil painting.
In his early 20's Steve worked with artists Bob Blendermann and Fred Schonberg and this led to exhibits in various galleries and exhibitions in Kingston and the surounding area.
In 1981 an opportunity to work as a subcontractor in the graphics industry in Toronto was offered to Steve and even though other artists told him that his pursuit of fine art would suffer, he decided to accept the offer.
While living in Oshawa and working in Toronto Steve continued to draw and paint and in 1983 he had his first one man show in the Link gallery at Edwards Gardens in Toronto.
However just as his fellow artists in Kingston had warned his career in graphic art took on greater responsibilities such as doing design work for 3M and eventually opening his own graphic business in St. Catharines, on.
His son Richard joined the business as his partner in 1989, and their years together in business involved not only designing but manufacturing and installing graphic materials in various applications.
Just before retiring and turning over the business to his son they were able to design 4 facilities for the new LPIA International Airport in the Bahamas.
The proposal was rated first overall and received very high marks for design and sense of space.

This led to the designing and manufacturing of logos, signage and interior graphic panels for 5 stores in the Bahamas.
While this business was very exciting and kept Steve very busy now with retirement he is able to concentrate more on his passion for fine art.

All art work by Steve Knapp is protected by a registered Copyright
Pages 2 & 3 are Pen & Ink Drawings
Page 4 Original Oil Paintings
Page 5 images of some of my cars

Prints of my artwork can be purchased at
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